Monday, March 30, 2015

Jersey Boys

I saw the movie 'Jersey Boys' last year and really enjoyed it.  John Lloyd Young is very handsome and has a good voice.  The rest of the cast was fun and it appeared everyone appeared to have a good time.  Clint Eastwood directed and it's hard to argue with his success.  JLY is not a great actor and that my have more to do with the flaws of the movie than anything.  I very much enjoyed the music and the story is interesting.  There were small flaws though.  I thought Frankie singing 'My Eyes Adored You' to his daughter was a smidge creepy.  And I did not see any romantic chemistry at all between Frankie and either girl.  And I know he was a cheater and his wife not putting up with it was inevitable but he seriously did not have any emotion while leaving his home and children.  And then Lorraine left without a real "don't go" of any kind.  Maybe the actor thought he did but he didn't.  I'm surprised either stayed as long as they did.  Hard to know though if it was Frankie or John. .  I read later that Frankie's  last wife punched a restaurant owner over a bill.  And he's divorced from her too now. So maybe marriage just wasn't his thing.

Then on Saturday, I saw the stage show.  I love the stage and the movies but do realize there is sometimes a big enough difference to make them a somewhat different story.  The stage obviously is more limited but the energy of a live show overwhelms me.  The actor who played Frankie--, and I'm
not sure of his name exactly because the program was confusing, but I think he was the understudy--did a good job but he did not have John Lloyd Young's voice.  The rest of the Four Seasons were ok too. Mary was not the siren from the movie or as mean.  And when they split he sang 'My Eyes' to her and she sang back and I felt some regret.  And same when Lorraine left I felt some hurt there too and it was just a touch of his hand.

I liked seeing then sing 'Beggin' & Frankie singing 'Fallen Angel', one of my favorite songs.  Although I always wonder if he'd "forgive her anything"...I doubt it but that's another subject.

That being said, I loved the stage show and I like the movie alot.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend of old friends

I reconnected on Facebook recently with a friend from high school and on Saturday we met for lunch and had a nice visit.  Back when I was a sophomore in high school I met this person who also lived across the creek from us.  Our parents were old friends but we had never met.  I actually only remember one time when she was in our house, right before I started school and although she mentioned me coming to her house, I never actually remembered that.  We rode the bus together most days and she was one grade ahead of me but I truly never considered us friends no enemies.  I was pretty much ignored.  I went to a small school where the people had been together most of their lives and while they never made fun of me or put gum in my hair or threw rocks at me like others had done when I tried to fit in at other schools after we moved to Texas, I was not exactly accepted either.  They were always kind.  But while my friend talked about how much fun she had with all her friends and parties and slumber parties, I never saw high school that way.  And in the long run, it pretty much shaped me as a loner who truly cares little about what others think.  And that is not necessarily a bad thing.  I have a couple of people that I worry about being in their late 50's who long for high school and that perplexes me.  I did enjoy my time with my friend though.

Then today, I had breakfast with John's parents and it hit me that as John is retiring this year and they live in Minnesota and they are over 80 years old that this may be the last time I ever see them and that made me sad.  I am very fond of both.  I guess we'll see.

I am  at a stage where those leaving seem to outnumber the ones coming and I hate that.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five Dollars

There is currently a KFC commercial on TV where a boy, probably college aid, gets $5 from a relative and she tells him to go "buy something nice".  The point of the commercial is that he takes his 5 bucks and buys a ton of artery clogging food at KFC.   I get what KFC is's a nice marketing blurb.

But, I was thinking about the person sho sent the $$ and felt she was being made fun of.  Yep, it's hard to "buy something nice" for $5 but I'd take it.  And be grateful for it.  I know it's a commercial and not real but I know it happens in real life.  Someone who doesn't have a lot of money wants to give a gift.  I know when both of my grandparents lived only on Social Security of less than $300 month.   $5, especially for each grandchild, was a chunk of change.  They didn't go hungry--no one would have let be hungry--but I know they weren't going into their millions of dollars of savings.

I worked at a poor school and we had a grandmother with 3 granddaughters who brought in $$ every month to "put on their books" so when it came picture time or field trip time it would be paid for. These grandparents might have been ok but I'm pretty sure they didn't plan on raising 3 little girls after their children left home.  And $5 per child is a big deal.

So when you get your $5 from someone, don't wonder what you can get for it.  You can go to KFC. Thnik about the love and possible sacrifice behind the gift.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Loaning Money

I watch a lot of judge shows because first, it's entertaining and sadly, I think it's a portrait of the generations coming behind us.

Today,  there was a case where an older woman loaned a classmate she'd just met money and the classmate is claiming it was a gift.  She was never supposed to give it back.  She said she felt sorry for the woman who loaned her the money because she had no friends so apparently it makes the woman feel loved to be taken advantage of.  Luckily, the bitchy ingrate signed a promissary note and she lost.

While I think these people are idiots for loaning money to people they don't even know, I have to say I have loaned money to a "friend" that I'd known for a long time.   I do know that loaning money to someone is the fastest way to lose a friend but I trusted this person and we signed a note.  She and her husband sat in my living room crying that they could not even afford groceries.  At first, she wanted to borrow a credit card but I was at least smart enough to not be that stupid.  I asked how much they needed and she told me and I was stunned.  I normally would not have that money to even loan but I'd just been paid out for a burglary claim. And she knew it.  They both signed the note that it would be paid back in 12 months.

I finally got a payment after 14 months after I asked about it and told them I needed something...then dribbles for a couple more months...and finally, 2 1/2 years later I got the rest and that was only because they got a small inheirtance and I knew it.  She had told me when she got the money I was their first stop.  And after asking several times, they finally paid in full.  And I have not talked to her since.  I message her and try to call and get no response. I think she figured out I was no longer useful because she would never use me again.

I can't really change who I am and will always look to help someone out but next time someone tells me they have no groceries we will take a trip to the grocery store. And we're good if you need lunch money.  Don't ask for anything more.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Love Actually

On Sunday, I went to the Alamo to watch the "Quote Along" version of this movie and I had a great time.   It was actually billed as a girls night and a special deal.  When we arrived, we got British flags to waive for the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant), fans of our favorite characters (choices were Hugh Grant, Colin Firth & Bill Nighy) and Christmas poppers that we were supposed to pop for our favorite kiss.

The movie begins with Hugh Grant talking about love in terms of the arrival gate at Heathrow Airport where we see hugs & hugs & in terms of 9-11 and he points out that as far as he knows, no one called with hate messages before they died.  He points out that love is actually around.

We follow a group of friends over the 5 weeks before Christmas.  Old rocker Billy Mack (Bill Nighy, always a delight) is singing one of his old songs, Love is All Around with the word Christmas substituted for Love.  His sidekick is his longtime manager Joe.

Our Prime Minister is Hugh Grant, who immediately falls for Natalie, a member of his new staff, 

The Prime Minster's sister is Karen (Emma Thompson) who is married to business owner Harry, who is tempted by a slutty employee.

Sarah and Carl are Harry's employees who are in love with each other but family circumstances take all of Sarah's time.

Juliet (Keira Knightly) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are getting married and both think Peter's best friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln) dislikes Juliet when the opposite is really the truth.

Jamie (Colin Firth) goes away to Portugal to get over hearbreak and write his novel.  He ends up falling for Aurelia in spite of their language barrier.

Daniel has just lost his wife and is left with her grieving son Sam, a little boy with a crush of his own.

Jack and Judy are porn stand-ins and are nice but if they weren't there, it would be ok.

Colin & Tony are characters who are everywhere doing all kinds of odd jobs.

Each story is pretty fun and the ways they interact is fun.  I saved my popper for Jamie and Aurelia's kiss.  

I had a hard time choosing favorite character for my fan but I love Bill Nighy in just about everything I've ever seen him in and he's my favorite in this movie.  Colin Firth usually wins that prize.

This is actually a movie that grew on me...I liked it the first time but I love it more with each viewing.  And it was even more fun at the theater.  I did see a few men hanging around but most viewers were goofy girls like me who loved the movie.  I'd certainly do it again and I'll watch for the special nights again in the future.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Brunch 2014

Christmas Brunch 2014
Kyle,Jan, Maura, Lorraine, Robbie, Cathy, Deb, John
Several years ago I started having Christmas Brunch at my house for my little orphan friends but stopped after my dad moved in as he was uncomfortable with too many strangers in the house because of his hearing.  Today, I had the first one since I lost him.

John did waffles & pancakes, Robbie did the eggs, I did the bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy and I think it was outstanding.  No one left hungry!!

After everyone left I sat down on the couch and then about an hour later!!  I guess I was tired!!

Hello Country Bumpkin

Last night we got to sit in the Chancellor’s box for the basketball game!  I’ve been in a box before but it was just to sit…I’d never gotten the full treatment before.  We had staff members greeting us, offering us cocktails and sodas and there was brisket, chicken & sausage and chips and queso.  We met the Chancellor and Mrs Chancellor and they were very welcoming.  They have courtside seats so only came up at half time to meet and greet but I enjoyed meeting them.  John and I were with strangers (and non-basketball fans, apparently) but we both enjoyed our time.  Robbie & Kyle sat in our seats and our seats are so close that I could have pelted them with popcorn, but I didn’t.  I did have to laugh at them eating popcorn they had to pay for!!  And the biggest bonus was the parking pass…no parking in Levelland for us this game!!

While it was fun to see how the other 10% lives, our seats are better and even though we have to pay for our own snacks, we can be loud and rowdy in our seats where it was a little hard in the box considering we were apparently the only fans there.   But I was impressed, nonetheless and I’d do it again anytime.